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Title Author
Sailors, Kenny oral history Wyoming State Archives
Schneider, Adam, Featherweight Boxer Washakie Museum and Cultural Center
Shepperson, Frank, oral history Mark Junge
Skiing, history of on Casper Mountain Rebecca A. Hunt, Ph.D.



Former University of Wyoming Football Player Mel Hamilton on his life and the Black 14

In October 1969, University of Wyoming Head Coach Lloyd Eaton dismissed 14 black football players from his team when they donned black armbands to protest certain policies of Brigham Young University. The incident stirred controversy in Wyoming and throughout the nation. Here, player Mel Hamilton shares his recollections of that time and of much of the rest of his life with interviewer Phil White, who was a UW student in 1969 and the editor of the student newspaper, The Branding Iron.

Kenny Sailors, All American, on the Jump Shot and his Life in Basketball

University of Wyoming basketball player Kenny Sailors, one of the early popularizers of the jump shot, grew up on a farm south of Hillsdale, Wyo. He was Wyoming’s only three-time All American, and in 1943 led the Cowboys to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. Later he played professionally in the BBA and the NBA, and was inducted into the University of Wyoming Athletics Hall of Fame in 1993. In this interview, Sailors also talks about his life after basketball, running a dude ranch in Jackson Hole, and later guiding hunters, teaching high school and coaching high-school basketball in Alaska.


Oral Histories | Adam Schneider, born in 1917, was a featherweight boxer in his youth in Wyoming’s Bighorn Basin.
Encyclopedia | In October 1969, University of Wyoming Head Coach Lloyd Eaton dismissed 14 black football players from his team when they showed up at his office wearing black armbands over their street clothes, to protest what they saw as racist policies of Brigham Young University. The incident sparked widespread controversy and swung the national news spotlight on Wyoming.
Encyclopedia | The youngest child of an Afton, Wyo., dairy farmer, Rulon Gardner wrestled his way to international fame, defeating three-time champion Aleksandr Karelin in Greco-Roman wrestling at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Australia. However, Gardner’s quest for more Olympic gold has been beset by numerous obstacles, including a toe amputation, a plane crash and bankruptcy.
Encyclopedia | Three-time All-American Kenny Sailors, of tiny Hillsdale, Wyo. led the University of Wyoming’s 1943 men’s basketball team to an NCAA championship in Madison Square Garden. Sailors was only 5 feet 10, but he was a great jumper and shooter, and highly skilled with a weapon of his own invention—the jump shot.


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