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Title Article Type Author
Huxtable Ranch Encyclopedia Stephanie Lowe
Hyart Theatre Field Trips
Hyart Theatre Encyclopedia Stephanie Lowe
Ice Slough Field Trips
Ice Slough, Oregon Trail landmark Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Independence Rock Encyclopedia Will Bagley
Independence Rock State Historic Site Field Trips
Indian Boarding Schools, Wyoming and nationwide Encyclopedia Geoffrey O’Gara
Indian Citizenship Expedition, 1913 Encyclopedia Johanna Wickman
Indian geography in Wyoming Encyclopedia Gregory Nickerson
Indian Reorganization Act Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Indian tribes, trade among Encyclopedia Samuel Western
Influenza epidemic, 1918, Wyoming Encyclopedia Phil Roberts
Ingram, Elva, pioneer grave of Encyclopedia Randy Brown
Interstate 90, planning for Encyclopedia Robin Everett
Inyan Kara Mountain Field Trips
Iron Creek Oil Field Field Trips
Ivinson, Edward, Laramie banker and philanthropist Encyclopedia Kim Viner
J.C. Penney House Field Trips
J.C. Penney Mother Store Field Trips
Jackson Hole Guide Encyclopedia Kerry Drake
Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum Field Trips
Jackson Hole News Encyclopedia Kerry Drake
Jackson Hole News & Guide Encyclopedia Kerry Drake
Jackson Hole ski resort Field Trips
Jackson, William Henry: Foremost Photographer of the American West Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
James Reeb Memorial Park Field Trips
James Reeb mural Field Trips
James, Verda Encyclopedia Wyoming Legislative Service Office
Jane, Calamity Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Jenkins, Edna Richards and Thomas, murder of, 1911 Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Jenkins, Theresa, Women’s Suffrage orator and activist Encyclopedia MaryJo Birt
Jensen, Henry, oral history Oral Histories Dana Van Burgh
Jewish Farm Families of Huntley, Wyoming Encyclopedia Carl V. Hallberg
Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum Field Trips
John Taggart Hinckley Library at Northwest College Field Trips
Johnson County Library Field Trips
Johnson County War Encyclopedia John W. Davis
Johnson County War route Field Trips
Johnson County, Wyoming Encyclopedia Brodie Farquhar
Jurors, female, in territorial Wyoming Encyclopedia Kim Viner
K-N Energy, Casper Star-Tribune and Encyclopedia Kerry Drake
Kading, Joye Oral History Oral Histories Casper College Western History Center
Karpan, Kathy, Wyoming secretary of state Encyclopedia Sarah Gorin
Kelly-Larimer Wagon Train Attack memorial Field Trips
Kelly-Larimer Wagon Train, 1864 attack on Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Kendall, Paul W., Sheridan-raised U.S. Army general Encyclopedia Douglas R. Cubbison
Kendrick Mansion Encyclopedia Cynde Georgen
Kendrick, John B. Encyclopedia Cynde Georgen
Keyes, Verna Encyclopedia Kylie Louise McCormick