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Title Article Type Author
K-N Energy, Casper Star-Tribune and Encyclopedia Kerry Drake
Kading, Joye Oral History Oral Histories Casper College Western History Center
Karpan, Kathy, Wyoming secretary of state Encyclopedia Sarah Gorin
Kelly-Larimer Wagon Train Attack memorial Field Trips
Kelly-Larimer Wagon Train, 1864 attack on Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Kendall, Paul W., Sheridan-raised U.S. Army general Encyclopedia Douglas R. Cubbison
Kendrick Mansion Encyclopedia Cynde Georgen
Kendrick, John B. Encyclopedia Cynde Georgen
Keyes, Verna Encyclopedia Kylie Louise McCormick
Keyhole State Park Field Trips
King, Jamie Buckley, Cokeville survivor oral history Oral Histories Wyoming State Archives
King, Martin Luther, assassination of and Wyoming editorials Encyclopedia Phil White
Kirwin Inspired Dreams of Prosperity, Solitude Encyclopedia Lori Van Pelt
Kirwin, Wyo. Encyclopedia Lori Van Pelt
Kirwin, Wyoming Field Trips
Knight Hall, University of Wyoming Field Trips
Knight, Emma Howell Encyclopedia Alexandra Hullinger
Knight, Samuel H. Encyclopedia Alexandra Hullinger
Knob Hill Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Kortes Dam Field Trips
Kortes Dam, History of Encyclopedia Annette Hein
L Slash Heart Ranch Field Trips
La Prele Creek, Oregon Trail crossing of Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Lake De Smet and Father De Smet Monument Field Trips
Lamoreaux family and 1868 wagon train attack Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Lance Creek Oil Field Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Lander Trail Field Trips
Lander Trail Encyclopedia Terry A. Del Bene
Lander Trail, New Fork River Crossing Encyclopedia Clint Gilchrist
Lantz, Daniel, 1850 emigrant grave of Encyclopedia Randy Brown
Laramie County, Wyoming Encyclopedia Marguerite Herman
Laramie Peak Field Trips
Laramie Peak, Oregon Trail landmark Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Laramie Plains Museum Field Trips
Laramie World War I Memorial Field Trips
Laramie, Wyo., history of Encyclopedia Kim Viner
Last Crossing, Sweetwater River Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve Interpretive Center Field Trips
Leek, Stephen Encyclopedia John Clayton
Leeks Marina Field Trips
Legend Rock Field Trips
Legend Rock Encyclopedia WyomingHeritage.org
Legislature, Wyoming, Riot of 1913 Encyclopedia Gregory Nickerson
Leigh Lake Field Trips
Leigh, Richard “Beaver Dick,” mountain man Encyclopedia Steve Roberts
Leonard, Zenas camps on Laramie River 1831-32 Encyclopedia Hollis Marriott
Lightning Creek, fight at, 1903 Encyclopedia Lori Van Pelt
Lincoln County fair and rodeo Field Trips
Lincoln County, Wyoming Encyclopedia Jessica Clark
Lincoln Highway across Wyoming Field Trips