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Title Article Type Author
Prohibition in Wyoming Encyclopedia Tom Rea
Prospect Hill Interpretive Area Field Trips
Prospect Hill, Oregon Trail site of Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Public television, Wyoming Encyclopedia Doug McInnis
Pumpkin Buttes Field Trips
Race Horse, Bannock off-reservation hunting rights and Encyclopedia John Clayton
Railroad arrives in Laramie Encyclopedia Tom Rea
Rawlins, stage and mail road from to Fort Washakie Encyclopedia J. Tom Davis, Rebecca Hein
Rawlins-area Mountain Bike Trails Field Trips
REA, Wyoming history of Encyclopedia Kerry Drake
Red Buttes BLM Interpretive Site Field Trips
Red Buttes, Battle of Encyclopedia Ellis Hein
Red Buttes, Oregon Trail landmark Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Red Cloud’s War Encyclopedia Emilene Ostlind
Red Fork Battle, 1876 Encyclopedia Gerry Robinson
Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite Field Trips
Red Onion Museum Field Trips
Reeb, James, civil rights martyr Encyclopedia Phil White
Reel, Estelle Encyclopedia Kerry Drake
Refinery business, Wyoming Encyclopedia Tom Mast
Register Cliff Encyclopedia WyomingHeritage.org, Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office
Register Cliff Field Trips
Reliance Tipple Field Trips
Reliance, Wyoming Encyclopedia Dick Blust, Jr.
Reshaw's Bridge Field Trips
Reshaw's Bridge Encyclopedia Jefferson Glass
Richards, DeForest Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Richards, William Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Richards, William A. and 1874 boundary survey Encyclopedia Lucia McCreery
Riggle, Herschel Clay “Tricky” Encyclopedia Robin Everett
Ringo, Martin and J.P. Parker, Oregon Trail graves of Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Riverton Museum Field Trips
Robert Russin sculptures Field Trips
Roberts, LeaKae, Cokeville survivor oral history Oral Histories Wyoming State Archives
Roberts, Rev. John Encyclopedia Warren Murphy
Rock Avenue Field Trips
Rock Avenue, Oregon Trail site of Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Rock Church Field Trips
Rock Springs Historical Museum Field Trips
Rock Springs Main Street Field Trips
Rock Springs Massacre Encyclopedia Tom Rea
Rock Springs Walking Tour Field Trips
Rock Springs, African American churches of Encyclopedia Brigida R. (Brie) Blasi
Rock Springs, Wyoming Encyclopedia Chris Propst
Rocky Mountain Herbarium Field Trips
Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center at Teapot Dome Oil Field Encyclopedia Carolynne Harris
Rocky Ridge Field Trips
Rocky Ridge Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Rogers, Clifford Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Roncalio, Teno, biographical essay Encyclopedia Joan Barron