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Title Article Type Author
Roosevelt, Theodore 1903 Horseback Travel Route Field Trips
Roosevelt, Theodore visits Wyoming in 1903 Visit Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Roripaugh, Robert, Wyoming Poet Laureate 1995-2002 Encyclopedia John D. Nesbitt
Rosa, Michael Angel Encyclopedia Paul Krza
Ross, Nellie Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Ross, Nellie Tayloe and 1928 presidential campaign Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Ross, Nellie Tayloe, biographical essay Encyclopedia Tom Rea
Ross, William Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Rural electrification, Wyoming history of Encyclopedia Kerry Drake
Russin, Robert, sculptor Encyclopedia Maria Wimmer
Ryan Hill, Oregon Trail site of Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Ryan Park Campground Field Trips
Ryan, John “Posey,” early soldier, settler, murderer and hotelkeeper Encyclopedia Douglas R. Cubbison
Safety, Wyoming coal mines Encyclopedia Phil Roberts
Sagebrush Philosophy magazine Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Sailors, Kenny Encyclopedia Ryan Thorburn
Sailors, Kenny oral history Oral Histories Wyoming State Archives
Saleratus Lake, Oregon Trail site of Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Saleratus Lakes Field Trips
Salt Creek Museum Field Trips
Salt Creek Oil Field Field Trips
Salt Creek Oil Field Encyclopedia Tom Rea
Sarah Thomas grave Encyclopedia Randy Brown
Saratoga and Encampment Valley Railroad Encyclopedia Lori Van Pelt
Saratoga Museum Field Trips
Saratoga National Fish Hatchery Field Trips
Saratoga Sun Field Trips
Saratoga, Wyoming, history of Encyclopedia Lori Van Pelt
Saratoga-Platte Valley Chamber of Commerce Field Trips
Schneider, Adam, Featherweight Boxer Oral Histories Washakie Museum and Cultural Center
Second Baptist Church, Rock Springs Encyclopedia Brigida R. (Brie) Blasi
Sellett, Mike, Jackson Hole News publisher Encyclopedia Kerry Drake
Seminoe Cutoff Encyclopedia Randy Brown
Seminoe Cutoff Field Trips
Seminoe Dam Field Trips
Seminoe Dam, History of Encyclopedia Annette Hein
Seminoe State Park Field Trips
Sheep Business in Wyoming Encyclopedia Samuel Western
Sheep Creek Cemetery Field Trips
Sheepeaters Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Shepard, Matthew, Legacy of Encyclopedia Jason Marsden
Shepard, Matthew, Murder of Encyclopedia Jason Marsden
Shepperson, Frank, oral history Oral Histories Mark Junge
Sheridan County Coal Camps Encyclopedia Kevin Knapp
Sheridan County Museum Field Trips
Sheridan County, Wyoming Encyclopedia Brodie Farquhar
Sheridan Inn Field Trips
Sheridan, Wyoming Encyclopedia Gregory Nickerson
Shoshone Cavern National Monument Encyclopedia Phil Roberts
Shoshone Irrigation District Field Trips