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Title Article Type Author
Smith, Nels Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Snodderly, Quintina, Oregon Trail Grave of Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Snow King ski area Field Trips
Snowy Range Scenic Byway Field Trips
Solier, C.H., Wyoming State Hospital superintendent Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Sommers Ranch Encyclopedia Stephanie Lowe
South Pass Encyclopedia Will Bagley
South Pass and its monuments Field Trips
South Pass City Field Trips
South Pass City Encyclopedia WyomingHeritage.org, Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office
South Pass Gold Rush Encyclopedia Will Bagley
South Pass Overlook Field Trips
South Pass, discovery Encyclopedia Will Bagley
South Pass, early missionaries Encyclopedia Will Bagley
South Pass, First Wagons Encyclopedia Will Bagley
Spanish Diggings Field Trips
Sparks, Kliss, Cokeville bombing survivor oral history Oral Histories Wyoming State Archives
Spearfish Canyon Field Trips
Spence, Gerry Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Spence, Gerry - interview Oral Histories Wyoming State Archives
Spirit Mountain Cave Field Trips
Spirit Mountain Cave Encyclopedia Phil Roberts
Split Rock Encyclopedia Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office
Split Rock Field Trips
Spotted Tail, Brule Lakota chief Encyclopedia Tom Rea
Spring Creek Raid Encyclopedia John W. Davis
Spring Creek Raid Site Field Trips
Stagecoach and Mail Road, Rawlins to Fort Washakie Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org, J. Tom Davis
Stagecoach Museum Field Trips
Stagecoach, Casper-Thermopolis line, 1901 Encyclopedia J. Tom Davis
Star Valley Pioneer and History Museum Field Trips
Starkweather, Charles Encyclopedia Lesley Wischmann
State boundary monument for Utah, Idaho and Wyoming Field Trips
State Flag, Wyoming Encyclopedia Kylie Louise McCormick
State Prison, Wyoming’s First Encyclopedia Lori Van Pelt
Statehood: Constitutional Convention, Debates and Their Aftermath Encyclopedia Phil Roberts
Steamboat Exhibit, University of Wyoming Field Trips
Stegner, Wallace and South Pass preservation Encyclopedia Will Bagley
Stepp, Alonzo, black rancher in the Green River Valley Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org, Jonita Sommers
Stewardess training, Cheyenne Encyclopedia Michael Kassel, Starley Talbott
Stewart, Elinore Pruitt, Writer and Homesteader Encyclopedia Barbara Allen Bogart
Stimson, Joseph E., Wyoming photographer Encyclopedia Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office
Strausner, Adam LeRoy, oral history Oral Histories Dana Van Burgh
Sublette County Public Library Field Trips
Sublette County, Wyoming Encyclopedia Ann Chambers Noble
Suggs, Wyoming Field Trips
Sullivan, Mike Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Sullivan, Mike, U.S. ambassador to Ireland, oral history Oral Histories Tom Rea
Swain, Louisa, first woman to vote under Wyoming Territory’s new woman suffrage law Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Swan Land and Cattle Company Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein