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Title Article Type Author
Black, Dr. Willie, Chancellor of the Black Student Alliance in 1969, on the Black 14 Oral Histories Wyoming State Archives
Blackwater firefighters memorial Field Trips
Blackwater forest fire, 1937 Encyclopedia Kerry Drake
Blizzard of 1949 Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Boarding Schools, Indian, in Wyoming and nationwide Encyclopedia Geoffrey O’Gara
Boissevain, Inez Milholland, suffragist and orator Encyclopedia Lesley Wischmann
Boundary, western Wyoming, survey of, 1874 Encyclopedia Lucia McCreery
Boysen Dam Field Trips
Boysen Dam, History of Encyclopedia Annette Hein
Bozeman Trail Field Trips
Bozeman Trail Museum Field Trips
Bozeman Trail sign and marker Field Trips
Bozeman Trail, brief history Encyclopedia Marilyn J. Drew
Brazil, Pedro II, emperor of Encyclopedia Phil Roberts
Bridger Trail Encyclopedia James A. Lowe, Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office
Bridger Trail through the Bridger Mountains Field Trips
Bridger Valley Historic Byway Field Trips
Bridger, Jim Encyclopedia James A. Lowe, Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office
Brinton Museum, The Field Trips
Brooks, Bryant Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Brown's Park Field Trips
Brown, Melville C. Encyclopedia Kim Viner
Bucking-horse logo, Wyoming Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express Encyclopedia Tom Rea
Buffalo Bill Center of the West Field Trips
Buffalo Bill Dam Field Trips
Buffalo Bill Dam Encyclopedia The National Park Service
Buffalo Bill Historical Center Field Trips
Buffalo Bill State Park Field Trips
Buffalo Bill, Wyoming Town Founder and Irrigation Tycoon Encyclopedia Robert E. Bonner
Buffalo Soldiers, Wyoming and the West Encyclopedia Tom Rea
Bureau of Land Management Field Trips
Bureau of Land Management, founding of Encyclopedia Russel L. Tanner
Burlington Railroad in Wyoming Encyclopedia Gregory Nickerson
Burnt Ranch Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Buxton, John, Wyoming deputy game warden, killed in 1919 Encyclopedia Dick Blust, Jr.
Byrd, Liz, Wyoming legislator Encyclopedia Lori Van Pelt
Byron Museum Field Trips
CallAir Museum Field Trips
Cambria Casino/Flying V Lodge Field Trips
Camp Douglas Officers’ Club State Historic Site Field Trips
Camp Monaco Encyclopedia John Clayton
Camp Monaco Field Trips
Campbell County Rockpile Museum Field Trips
Campbell County, Wyoming Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Campbell, John Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Campbell, John, first territorial governor of Wyoming Encyclopedia Tom Rea
Campfield, Mathew, barber and Natrona County coroner Encyclopedia Tom Rea
Canary, Martha Jane Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Cantonment Reno Field Trips