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Title Article Type Author
Haystack Butte Field Trips
Haystack Butte, Oregon Trail landmark Encyclopedia Randy Brown
Heart Mountain Interpretive Center Field Trips
Heart Mountain Relocation Center, a Brief History of Encyclopedia Steven Bingo
Heath, Dr. Lillian Encyclopedia Lori Van Pelt
Hebard, Grace Raymond, historian Encyclopedia Mike Mackey
Hecht, Frances, on Early Housework in the Bighorn Basin Oral Histories Washakie Museum and Cultural Center
Hemingway, Ernest, in Wyoming Encyclopedia Jamie Egolf, Chavawn Kelley
Herrera, Clayvin, Crow off-reservation hunting rights and Encyclopedia John Clayton
Herschler, Ed Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Herschler, Ed - interview Oral Histories Wyoming State Archives
Hickey, Joseph Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
High Country News Encyclopedia Marjane Ambler
High, Dick, Casper Star-Tribune editor Encyclopedia Kerry Drake
Highland Cemetery Field Trips
Hill, Henry, Oregon Trail grave of Encyclopedia Randy Brown
Hill, Nancy Jane, Oregon Trail grave of Encyclopedia Randy Brown
Historic Cody Mural and Museum Field Trips
Historic Downtown Evanston Field Trips
Hole-in-the-Wall Field Trips
Hollibaugh, Rachel Walker, Cokeville survivor oral history Oral Histories Wyoming State Archives
Homesteader Museum Field Trips
Homsley, Mary, pioneer grave of Encyclopedia Randy Brown
Homsley, Mary, pioneer grave of Field Trips
Hoofprints of the Past Museum Field Trips
Hoover, Herbert Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Hopkins, George, Devils Tower parachutist Encyclopedia Abby Dotterer
Horn, Tom Encyclopedia Chip Carlson
Horn, Tom - Important sites Field Trips
Horse Creek Treaty Historical Markers Field Trips
Horse Creek Treaty, 1851 Encyclopedia Lesley Wischmann
Hot Springs County, Wyoming Encyclopedia Annette Hein
Hot Springs State Park Field Trips
Hot Springs, at Thermopolis, Wyo., sale of by Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Hotel LaBonte Encyclopedia Stephanie Lowe
Hotel LaBonte Field Trips
Hotel Wolf Encyclopedia Lori Van Pelt
Hotel Wolf Field Trips
Hotel, Mountain View Encyclopedia Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office
House of Representatives, Wyoming, Riot of 1913 Encyclopedia Gregory Nickerson
Houx, Frank Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Hoyt, John Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Huidekoper, Virginia, Jackson Hole News co-founder Encyclopedia Kerry Drake
Hulett Museum & Art Gallery Field Trips
Hunt, Lester Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Hunt, Lester, Wyoming governor and U.S. senator Encyclopedia Rodger McDaniel
Huntington, Gertrude, business manager of Platte Valley Lyre Encyclopedia Lori Van Pelt
Huntington, Laura, editor and publisher of Platte Valley Lyre Encyclopedia Lori Van Pelt
Huntley, Wyoming; Jewish Farm Families of Encyclopedia Carl V. Hallberg
Hunton, John, Diaries Encyclopedia L.G. “Pat” Flannery, Michael Griske